Alluvial Forests in Eastern Germany
Continent Europe
Country Germany
Costs per square meter 5.72 €
GPS Data of planting site 51.869232, 12.166737
Protecting Partner Worldwide Fund for Nature

Restoring alluvial forests and giving the Elbe river the space it needs. Most rivers in Central Europe have been altered to a point beyond recognition: What was once a wild maze of river branches, wetlands, and alluvial forests, is now a straightened water body, serving the sole purpose of transporting our goods. Natural flooding processes have been restricted to a minimum with the construction of dams and dikes. Through this, one of the most diverse ecosystems in Central Europe is in strong decline: Alluvial Forests. Not only do they host an impressive number of species dependent on the seasonal floods. They also act as a natural buffer, protecting communities living by the river. WWF Germany has been working to liberate the Elbe river since 2002 and has already successfully relocated dikes and restored vital habitats. Today, WWF manages approximately 1500 hectares of alluvial forest and grassland in the Middle Elbe region, safeguarding and developing the sites for nature and people. Our goal is to purchase more land to restore and preserve these rare and endangered habitats for future generations. 
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