Anillo Verde de Granada
Continent Europe
Country Spain
Costs per Tree 16 €
GPS Data of planting site 37.206605, -3.623786
Planting Partner Plant for the Planet
At present, Granada is the fourth most polluted city in Spain. The establishment of a green belt around the city of Granada, through the restoration of forests and other landscapes, will create new green areas of enjoyment and leisure for the citizens of Granada. In addition, the multiple and imminent threats that the climate crisis poses to the region will be partially mitigated through the restoration of these green areas and forests. The Green Belt therefore aims to contribute to the well-being and livelihood of current and future generations in the Granada region. Granada Reforestation is part of the project „One Million Trees for Andalusia. One Billion Trees for the Planet“. Further your contributions in our project in Granada also support the empowerment of children, the development of the App and our worldwide campaign Stop talking. Start planting. Further information about the project and partner.