Biodivers Himalayas
Continent Asia
Country India
Costs per Tree 6,9 €
GPS Data of planting site 29.503182, 79.637721
Planting Partner SUGi

Reviving degraded land in the Himalayas with the Miyawaki Method.

This method of planting is 100x biodiverse, 100% natural and 30x denser compared to monoculture tree stands. In 2-3 years only, we create a maintenance-free, biodiverse forest.

We’re working with the community in Uttarakhand, North India to create a 6,000-tree multi-layered, wild, native forest planted on rural commons land in Village Satoli. By reviving these degraded rural commons, we can add real value to the region by securing basic livelihoods of locals and reviving native biodiversity. For this forest we will be using 32 Native species!

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