Planting Site
Continent North America
Country Haiti
Costs per Tree $ 0.15
GPS Data of planting site 19.483365, -72.624678
Planting Partner Eden Reforestation Projects

The Haiti Reforestation Project restores tree cover by cultivating agroforestry systems that protect watersheds and improve food security. The project equips local farmers with the training,tools, and trees needed to design their plots, grow, and care for their trees while increasing their farms’ food production and biodiversity. Additionally, Eden began rolling out a large-scale mangrove restoration initiative in 2020 and has planted over 800,000 mangroves in one year. This agroforestry nursery is located in the Belanger community in northern Haiti. This region has a dry, neotropical climate with sparse tree cover and rugged topography. Many forests were initially cleared for logging, grazing, and agriculture during the colonial period, with the intensification of unsustainable charcoal production practices accelerating deforestation in recent years. Eden partners with local farmers to plant agroforestry trees such as orange (Citrussinensis), moringa (Moringa oleifera), and mango (Mangifera indica) to expand anddiversify food production, improve food security for the local population and to increase biodiversity.

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