Planting Oak Trees in the Wildlife Reserve Hutewald
Continent Europe
Country Germany
Costs per Tree 425 €
GPS Data of planting site 52.188487, 9.604949
Planting Partner Niedersächsische Landesforsten

The extreme weather events, that is floods, of recent years have killed a large number of old oak trees that are part of the wildlife reserve ‘Hutewald’ and the bison enclosure ‘Wisentgehege Springe’ south of Hannover. To maintain the mountain forest character Niedersächsiche Landesforsten plant 50 new oak trees per hectare. The young trees (approx. 1.2-2.0 m tall) must be protected against the herbivores native to the area by means of individual shelters. The individual protection remains on the tree for about 30 years until the bark can no longer be damaged by animals. The special purpose of this project is to preserve and expand the approx. 300-year-old Hutewald, which provides acorns for the animals and houses the largest population of hermit beetles (Osmoderma eremita) in Lower Saxony.
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