Research Forest PlanBe
Continent North America
Country Mexico
Costs per Tree 9 €
GPS Data of planting site 18.639256, -90.117655
Planting Partner Plant for the Planet A.C., Mexico

This new planting area, newly established in 2020, is not only intended to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. Plant-for-the-Planet also offers this area to research institutions for field trials. Located near a passable road, this area is very suitable for visits as well! Soon a visitor forest will lead you through the research area(s) and let you experience science “firsthand”. Furthermore, a tree nursery and a visitor center are planned for this site. The experiments have the potential to inform reforestation efforts globally as a proof-of-concept for the efficacy and potential impact of soil microbiome restoration. Plant-for-the-Planet Yucatan Reforestation project will be the first to implement the strategy at scale. Description Global forest ecosystems absorb and offset nearly 30 percent of anthropogenic CO2 emissions storing carbon in living plant biomass and soil. This makes global reforestation one of the most promising negative emissions technologies to date. Soil inoculation with native microbial communities increases seedling growth and survival as shown in greenhouse experiments as well as field trials in grassland ecosystems. In Yucatán a field experiment was created to directly test the impact of soil microbiome restoration on tree growth, survival and ecosystem carbon sequestration rates. 16,000 trees with and without soil microbiome inoculation from multiple environments were planted across the entire experiment. The scientists measure tree growth, survival and carbon sequestration. By comparing inoculated and un-inoculated treatments they will be able to directly measure the impact of soil microbiome on restoration outcomes.

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