Traditional Agroforestry at Porcus Natura
Continent Europe
Country Portugal
Cost per 1 ton of bound CO2 71,43 €
GPS Data of planting site 38.346394, -8.123971
Planting Partner Climate Farmers

Porcus Natura is a 700 ha regenerative farm close to Montemor-o-Novo in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The proud and dedicated owner, Francisco Alves, is the fifth generation of this unique montado farm. Montado refers to the traditional agroforestry system in Portugal, characterised by low-density cork trees combined with pastoral activities or agriculture.

Through rotational grazing, which implies the daily rotation of the spaces covered by animals, they ensure the quality of the pasture and the regeneration of the soil. Another, of many, positive side effects of regenerative soil management is absorption of significant amounts of carbon by the soil. This balances the emissions caused by the animals. To enhance the climate benefits, the owner wants to plant several thousands of trees to expand the agroforestry project, which at the same time provides shade and food for the grazing animals.

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