Volcano Valley Reforestation
Continent North America
Country Mexico
Costs per Tree 1 €
GPS Data of planting site 19.305067, -99.679458
Planting Partner Plant for the Planet A.C, Mexico
The forests in Mexico, the most populous state in the country, are under increasing threat due to the destruction of large areas of forest through deforestation, forest fires and overgrazing. Poor management of natural resources is worsening the situation. Often the soil quality has already deteriorated to such an extent that natural regeneration of the forests is no longer realistic. Sustainable reforestation is the last option here to prevent further erosion by renewing protective vegetation and increasing soil fertility. As a result, the remaining forests and their resources can be saved for the future. With this goal in mind, Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico A.C. and PROBOSQUE, an organization assigned to the Mexican Ministry of the Environment, agreed to cooperate in the state of México (capital Toluca). By 2019, 2.8 million trees had been planted. The particular feature of this project is that the reforestation covers a total of 197 sub-areas of varying sizes, all of which are managed in small, mostly rural structures. Of these, 92 are jointly managed ejidos (a total of 1,913,775 trees), the remaining areas are divided between small farmers (619,925 trees) and cooperatives (290,300 trees). All restored sites have been declared protected areas. When selecting the newly planted trees, care was taken to ensure that a mixture of indigenous tree species suitable for this part of the country was selected. These include various species of pine, agaves, a mimosa species and the Mexican cypress. They integrate optimally into the still existing forests and by this contribute to the preservation of the local biodiversity of secondary plants and animals. By the end of 2020, we will have planted another 1,500,000 million trees together with the small farmers organized in cooperatives, thus spreading the responsibility of tree care over many shoulders. Further information about the project and partner.