Water Catchments
Continent Africa
Country Cameroon
Costs per Tree 6,9 €
GPS Data of planting site 4.173611, 9.290833
Planting Partner SUGi

Rewilding Water Catchments in Buea, Cameroon with the Miyawaki Method.

This method of planting is 100x biodiverse, 100% natural and 30x denser compared to monoculture tree stands. In 2 years only, we created a maintenance-free, biodiverse forest.

Though the area is blessed with abundant water resources, local inhabitants have faced a serious water crisis for a generation, as a result of poor water management. Population and rapid urbanization put even greater pressure on the water resources of this community.

This water catchment is the fourth chapter of this critical community project and will bring 10 native species back to the local ecosystem.
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