Continent North America
Country Mexico
Costs per Tree 1 €
GPS Data of planting site 18.785798, -90.134383
Planting Partner Plant for the Planet A.C, Mexico

When the children and youth initiative took over the first area in 2015, it was a sad sight: vast areas had been degraded due to deforestation, cattle and logging of economically valuable trees. Our restoration team working on this project and the affiliated tree nursery is over 120 people strong. Our workers plant, on average, 5,500 seedlings per day and are placing and caring for over twenty different native tree species. Our own seed collecting program allows us to integrate native tree species into our restoration program that are important for restoring near-natural forests. Approximately 1,100 trees are planted per hectare. It’s possible for Plant-for-the-Planet to plant and care for one tree for one Euro. To date, around 9,650,000 seeds have been grown in the partnering nursery, of which 8,623,560 are seedlings that we can or could use for our forest restoration. By now, we ourselves have planted 6,332,664 seedlings in total. In addition, seedlings are also given to local farmers. Plant-for-the-Planet plans to restore 100 million trees in Mexico until 2030.

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