All Achievements

Hello everyone! You want to know how your contribution and support is visible for you and others? Here you go! Every time you achieve something new, you get one of this wonderful badges. Others see what you have achieved so far and it is a great motivation for you to achieve even more. Be a hero and show the world how much you care!

Achievements by geographic location of your supported projects

Local Hero

Think global, act local! That’s clearly you’re motto. All of your supported projects are located on one continent.


You’re always looking for something new, even if it’s on a different continent. You’re supporting at least one project on two different continents.


There’s no mountain high and no valley deep enough for you! With the support of at least one project on three different continents, you proved that you’re a real adventurer.


You’re at home around the globe and you like it when your home is green. You’re supporting at least one project on 4 or more different continent.

Achievements by number of supported overall projects


Congratulations, you’re in the game! Supporting one to four projects is a fine way to start.


Nice, you’re playing well! With the support of 5 to 9 overall projects you’re proving that you are skilled forest lover.


Respect, you’re clearly a pro and setting new standards! You’re supporting 10 to 49 overall projects.

Global Hero

Boom, you're supporting 50 ore more overall projects! For us you’re a real superhero!

Achievements by number of supported plantation projects


Every forest starts with a couple of trees. With the support of one to four plantation projects you set the beginning.

Dirty Hands

Wow, you’re a true gardener! With the support of 5 to 9 plantation projects you show, that planting trees is your passion.

Planter’s Punch

You nailed it! New forests all over the World. You’re supporting 10 or more plantation projects.

Achievements by number of supported preservation projects

Tree Hugger

You’re new here but you love saving trees? Well, you proved it with the support of one to four preservation projects.


Forests are clearly your natural habitat. You’re supporting 5 to 9 preservation projects. Well done, you found your purpose in preserving trees from deforestation.


Less is more? Not for you! With the support of 10 or more preservation projects, there are definitely not enough forests for you to save.


Founding Member

Good job! You’re part of something special from the very beginning. You supported at least one project at launch.

Founding Sponsor

You’re a true pioneer! With the support of at least one project before 06/08/21, you proved that you one of those people who knew that something is cool, before it got cool.