Now is the time for the heroes of the games industry to get together and playfully conquer the challenges of climate change. GamesForest.Club is the headquarter of these countless heroes. A place for brave and fun gaming companies, their employees, and communities, who contribute to restoring life by growing and protecting the game forest with us and our trustworthy partners. The virtual forest, which you can explore with the hot air balloon, is a direct illustration of investments of GamesForest.Club and its members into protecting the forests.

Join our community of game developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives who love life, nature, and intelligent solutions for challenging tasks. Contribute to forest restoration and enjoy the lifestyle and various benefits of the GamesForest.Club’s community.

Company Club Memberships

With a Company Club Membership, your company and your employees can enjoy the benefits of the GamesForest.Club’s community and contribute to reforestation and protection of the forests.


For the companies with less than 10 employees, the subscription is 15 €/employee/month.


70% of the membership fee goes directly to the reforestation and forest protection projects you have chosen. The remaining 30% are used to cover all administrative costs, including the maintenance and further development of the platform, the GamesForest.Club’s staff as well as the GamesForest.Club’s events.


🌳 Your Forest Twin with  Your Story

🌳 Discounts for Industry: Conferences & Events

🌳 CO2 Bonus for Your Employees & Players

🌳 Communication Package

🌳 Access to Networking Events

Grow up to 686 trees

Save up to 3430 m2 forest
Reduce up to 190 t/CO2

4.900 €

Annual payment or subscription


All Bonuses from Bronze +

🌳 Special Mentioning at our Events & Conference Visits
🌳 Customized Forest Page with your 3D Models and Branding CI

Grow up to 2086 trees
Save up to 10430 m2 forest
Reduce up to 453 t/CO2

14.900 €

Annual payment or subscription


All Bonuses from Silver +

🌳 Your Brand as firm Component of our Communication: newsletter & invites
🌳 Collaboration on a GF.C Event: topics & invites & speech

Grow up to 3486 trees
Save up to 17430 m2 forest
Reduce up to 757 t/CO2

24.900 €

Annual payment or subscription

We are a non-profit organization – all money remaining after all the administrative costs will go directly into the purchase of trees and forests protection.

Benefits for the company

Your membership fee will directly restore life on this planet. It goes to planting and protecting trees.
You can proudly show your partners and customers that you restore life and that you are part of GamesForest.Club’s community.

  • Take responsibility for your employees and give them a great feeling. Save up to 1920 kg CO ² with each employee membership.

  • Earn your sustainability badge and show off your achievements to your players and business partners. Engage your community by showing your digital twin of your forest efforts and using the assets of our customized PR-package.

  • Let´s be the heroes, who we were always meant to be. Make the games industry the leading CO ² Absorber and contribute to the positive public perception of the games industry and its players worldwide.

  • Benefit from the games forest club network. Be part of a community, which wants to save the planet and exercises mindfulness.

Benefits for the employees

Be part of a responsible company and enjoy the benefits. By being part of the GamesForest.Club’s community, you get the chance to meet mindful people and enjoy our special trips and activities.

  • Enjoy your yearly CO2 BONUS of up to 1920 kg CO ². Your company saves you a yearly amount of CO ², which equals up to 16h of flights within Europe or 11h of intercontinental flights.

  • Who wouldn’t like to work for a company, which takes responsibility for resorting life of upcoming generations? Enjoy being part of a new area of responsible companies.

  • You will strengthen your network within the creative industries and meet likeminded people enjoying our special events and networking activities.

  • COMING SOON - Connect to nature and be inspired by our special trips and activities in nature. Increase your mindfulness and feel more ease.


Are you a humble giver? Do you want to do good and set it off against tax liability? Then donation is the best way for you to go!



Donations under 500€

Every donation under the amount of 500€ goes directly into the forest of GamesForest.Club’s community. The forest is represented on our interactive map and the project for supporting changes every 3 months. Currently we are happy for donations for our “Old-Growth Forests in Eastern Germany” project. Feel free to donate even if you don’t have a company.



Donations above 500€

Every donor, who contributes above 500€, can choose its project and display its logo on our website within the section of the GamesForest. You will also get your own forest on our interactive map when your company’s description and your contribution will be represented. Due to donation regulations, it won’t be linked to your website though. As a donor, you are still free to talk about your achievements and celebrate your contribution to restoring life. We will provide you with all data about the project you choose, a donation certificate, and everything you need for your taxes.



Bank transfer:

BANK: Sparkasse Berlin

IBAN: DE 11 100 500 000 191 085 006



Feel free to get in touch with us.

Reduce your carbon footprint with us

Together with GamesForest.Club and Gula Gula Food Forest Program, you can now reduce your carbon footprint, protect a thriving forest in the middle of a degraded area in West Sumatra, and support an indigenous community.


Our new carbon farming project is a shining example of how we can support local communities and restore nature. It follows a unique and simple method, called Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), to make degraded land productive again by stimulating natural reforestation processes. It requires very few resources without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. A great help in assisting the natural regeneration of the land is the local Gula Gula Plank. Local farmers can use the plank to flatten the tough long grass. This gives other plants and trees present the chance to grow again.


By choosing this project, your company can make a significant impact by reducing its carbon footprint and have a positive effect on the liveability and the ecosystem of the Gula Gula food forest. 

Make a difference now: easily reduce your carbon footprint in just a few steps and let your forest grow.


What happens with my money after you receive it?

Whether you are a member, a sponsor, or a donor, 70% of your investment goes directly to reforestation projects or protection projects, which you choose or which we choose with you. After we receive the money and know, which projects you want to support, we transfer the money within 2-7 days to our project partners, which carry out your chosen projects. Depending on the season, real trees will be planted within the latest six months. Your virtual trees will grow latest within a week after we receive your payment.


The remaining 30% will be used to cover all administrative costs, including the maintenance and further development of GamesForest.Club, employees’ salaries, website maintenance, and charity events. We are a non-profit organization – all money remaining after all the administrative costs will go directly into purchasing forests and their protection. You can find an annual report of all financial activities of GamesForest.Club here.

How does GamesForest.Club choose its planting and protecting partners?

We only work with certified planting and protecting partners. Before partnering up, our partners undergo an examination prosses, where we test their validity, ability to provide valid data, and administrative efficiency. GamesForest.Club pays attention to the dignity and fair employment. We help restore life and increase the worldwide CO2 absorption, creating livelihoods for people by empowering them to restore and protect forests.

Can I become a member even if my company is not part of GamesForest.Club yet?

Membership can only be attained by companies, legal one-person entities, associations or projects, and people involved within these entities. However, if you are eager to join us, we are happy to provide you with all further information to help you onboard your company. Just get in touch with us, and we will figure out what we can do together.

Can I donate or sponsor projects without being a member of GamesForest.Club?

Yes! Yes, you can! We welcome everyone, who wants to restore life on the planet. You can donate or sponsor the efforts of GamesForest.Club with or without a membership.