AI start-up Oxolo supports Research Forest PlanBe

AI start-up Oxolo supports Research Forest PlanBe

Hello everyone! It’s time to introduce a new member of the Games Forest Club family. Are you ready for some science? I bet you are! Oxolo is a company specialized in virtualizing people by creating AI-powered chatbot avatars indistinguishable from reality and ready to engage and communicate. As you can imagine you can conquer climate change with scientific research, that’s why the scientist of Oxolo want to contribute this fact by supporting a research reforestation project. 


Oxolo was founded in 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, but their team is from all over the world and consists of world-class computer scientists with hundreds of scientific publications and numerous PhDs. They are a truly diverse and international team with over 15 nationalities and 20 languages spoken. With so much international scientific power their avatars can impersonate any human or character and are contextually, visually and audibly identical. They can hold a conversation and replicate a real two-way communication. They even remember what you said last week. Oxolo aims to elevate the user experience to a new and magical form of engagement. Their products create an emotional relationship between humans and avatars and deliver a radically new digital encounter. Their complete tech stack is based on the latest research and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through Oxolo’s platform they are developing several products to leverage their technology and blend artificial intelligence into digital entertainment products. One of their products is “Tipy”. It combines education, entertainment, and play in its character-driven app. The characters are powered by Oxolo’s advanced AI technology and are able to hold intelligent, engaging conversations with a child – improving speech development and cognitive skills. “Tipy” is packed with fun educational content designed to help children expand their reading skills, vocabulary, mathematics and more! You see that working for a good cause is in the DNA of this company. That’s why Oxolo’s membership in the Games Forest Club isn’t surprising. By using science to create value for the people, they decided to support a project which does the same. 


Oxolo is supporting the Plant for the Planet project “Research Forest PlanBe”. This new planting area, newly established in 2020, is not only intended to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. Plant-for-the-Planet also offers this area to research institutions for field trials. A first scientific study was already started in January 2020 by the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich. A further study for Imperial College London will follow in summer 2020 and build on this first study. Soon a visitor forest will lead you through the research area and let you experience science “firsthand”. The experiments have the potential to inform reforestation efforts globally as a proof-of-concept for the efficacy and potential impact of soil microbiome restoration. Plant-for-the-Planet Yucatan Reforestation project will be the first to implement the strategy at scale. With the support of this project Oxolo wants to ensure that there is still a livable planet in the future. Creating value with the help of scientific methods suits Oxolo’s approach. But also giving joy to people with their products are one of their aims and this should be the case for a long time.


Given the fact, that the tech industry has a big energy consumption, Oxolo wants to do justice and lower their CO2 footprint by supporting the Games Forest Club initiative. Be a hero like Oxolo and start changing the world now! Join us and create a better future!


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For more information about the “Research Forest PlanBe” project, follow the link below