SAE Institute: protecting German forests and planting trees in Mexico

SAE Institute: protecting German forests and planting trees in Mexico

Hello, Games Forest Club community!


Today we would like to tell you an inspiring story about our new sponsor – SAE Institute.


Founded in 1976, the SAE Institute is a globally operating private educational institution for professions in the creative and media industries. The SAE Institute sees itself as an internationally networked creative platform that provides the launch pad for successful careers.


The company pays a lot of attention to environmental protection, climate protection, sustainability and social projects. Every year the team engages in the charity projects from such organizations as Plan International, WWF, Viva con Agua, SOS Kinderdörfer, Tafel Deutschland, Save the Children and many more. During the Corona crisis, the company also contributed part of its profits to the culture & events industry.


In addition, SAE Institute supports major sustainability projects not only through monetary donations, but also by means of cooperations, for example the Game Jam for the WWF project “Mittlere Elbe”, which is a nature conservation project in DACH.

The company is also proud to announce that all its German locations purchase 100% clean green electricity from 100% renewable energy sources from Greenpeace Energy.


Together with GamesForest.Club, SAE Institute engaged its team in 2 environmental projects: German Beech Jungle and Yucatán Restoration. By supporting the first one, the company helps to maintain and protect the ancient beech forests and a variety of highly specialized animal and plant species in the south of Germany. Within “Yucatán Restoration” SAE Institute has planted 700 trees in Mexico, helping the area to recover after deforestation, cattle and logging of economically valuable trees.


We are happy to have such a big support as SAE Institute on board and are looking forward to their forest to grow!


If you want to make a difference too, join our community and we will protect our nature together.


If you want to learn more about SAE Institute, visit their homepage.


Find more information about the “German Beech Jungle” and “Yucatán Restoration” projects here.

Dr. Sabine Hahn supports German Beech Jungle

Dr. Sabine Hahn supports German Beech Jungle

Hello, dear Games Forest Club community! We are glad to introduce our new sponsor to you – Dr. Sabine Hahn! 


Sabine lives in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and has ten years of experience in the video game industry. In 2013 she started her own business as an agile coach, supporting and accompanying executives, teams, and organizations on their way to a more agile working environment. 


Since 2020 Sabine has been donating at least 1% of her profits to humanitarian aid organizations. “It is important to me that these organizations offer a vast variety of projects. Nowadays there are so many great topics that are worth supporting”, says Sabine.


At her work, she runs all the business processes digitally, aiming to establish completely paperless relationships with the customers in the near future.


The main goal and reason for joining are to protect the environment and take care of climate change. “I am a mother of two, and I want my daughters and their children to enjoy our planet”, explains Sabine.


By joining and supporting the “German Beech Jungle” project, Sabine not only helps to maintain and protect the woods and a variety of highly specialized animal and plant species in her home country but also inspires the video game industry to get more involved into forest protection. 


Are you already excited and motivated by Sabine’s story? Then let’s help the forests together! Join the Games Forest Club and bring your value to the environment!


If you want to learn more about Sabine Hahn, visit her homepage or follow her on LinkedIn.


For more information about the “German Beech Jungle” project, click here.

Swedish company Landfall Games protects Colombian rainforest

Swedish company Landfall Games protects Colombian rainforest

Hello friends, supporters and future members! It’s a new day and it’s time to introduce you one of our members and founding sponsor. Landfall Games is a game studio focusing on gameplay and community interaction above all else. With both small development cycles and team size, they focus all of their efforts into creating games that are both fun to play and fun to develop.


Landfall Games is based in Stockholm Sweden and are the makers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Stick Fight: The Game and Clustertruck. The founders, Philip Westre and Wilhelm Nylund started developing the studio’s first game Air Brawl together in high school. The game showed promise and was nominated to Sweden Game Awards in 2014. Wilhelm decided to not go to college but instead live at home to complete the game. Roughly a year later Air Brawl hit Steam Early Access making it possible for Philip and later Petter Henriksson to quit their other activities and join Wilhelm at Landfall. The trio then set out to develop Clustertruck with the help of Karl Flodin on sound and music. Clustertruck was released in September 2016 and was a huge hit for the developers making it possible to expand the studio even further. So you see, these guys are living the dream and Landfall is probably one of the promising game studios in Europe. But for a long time they have been bad at sustainability and climate protection, and have been focusing on their games and other social issues – rather than the most pressing issue for our planet, climate change. But it’s never too late to start a change! Landfall is slowly getting educated on what they can do to reduce their negative impact on the environment and how to be part of making a change. That’s why Landfall decided to be part of our initiative, and we are very happy to have this amazing gaming studio on board. 


With the support of the WWF project “Planting Trees, Cultivating Peace” Landfall set the beginning for their efforts. In this reforestation project WWF implement ecological restoration actions hand in hand with local communities in regions affected by armed conflict in Colombia. WWF’s objective is not only to recover transformed forest, and their associated biodiversity, by planting native trees, but also to provide much-needed alternative livelihoods to local communities, such as the management of non-timber forest products such as oils, fibers and native bees. These restoration actions are key to WWF work in Colombia in supporting the Government in the quest to strengthen peacebuilding and conservation efforts by involving local communities in conserving biodiversity while improving their living conditions. 


Alongside Games Forest Club Landfall is also part of Play Create Green which work to help developers change their development practices to reduce their impact on the environment. We hope that this is just the beginning of a journey towards more sustainability and climate friendly production!


Landfall Games is proving, that it’s never too late to start making a difference. We believe that a climate neutral gaming industry is possible if everyone contributes. You can start by joining the Games Forest Club!


If you want to know more about Landfall Games, visit their homepage or their social media


For more information about the “Planting Trees, Cultivating Peace” project, follow the link below

Paladin Studios supports WWF reforestation project in Columbia

Paladin Studios supports WWF reforestation project in Columbia

Hello everyone, time for some news! We have a new member and we would like to introduce them to you. It’s Paladin Studios, a company based in The Netherlands. They create games that make you smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh, or evil grin.


Paladin has been around since 2005 and saw a lot of big changes in the game industry. They have embraced them and are now on the top of the latest trends on mobile, PC & Console. Based in The Netherlands, with over 40 people in their team, their mission is to create wholesome games that have a positive impact on people. You may know Paladin games such as Good Job!, Cut The Rope Remastered, My Tamagotchi Forever and Stormbound. The lean philosophy of kaizen is one of Paladin’s core values. It’s Japanese and means “change for better”. No surprise that a company with such a value is joining the Games Forest Club! 


Paladin’s goal is to be carbon neutral, and Games Forest Club is for them an important step in that direction. The support of the WWF project “Planting Trees, Cultivating Peace”, brings Paladin one step closer to their goal. In this reforestation project WWF implement ecological restoration actions hand in hand with local communities in regions affected by armed conflict in Colombia, such as the “National Park Sierra de la Macarena”. WWF’s objective is not only to recover transformed forest, and their associated biodiversity, by planting native trees, but also to provide much-needed alternative livelihoods to local communities, such as the management of non-timber forest products such as oils, fibers and native bees.  These restoration actions are key to WWF work in Colombia in supporting the Government in the quest to strengthen peacebuilding and conservation efforts by involving local communities in conserving biodiversity while improving their living conditions. That sounds great and we are verry happy that Paladin chose this great project! With their support we will definitely change the world for better. 


For Paladin Studios is our initiative a beautiful way to visualize forest conservation efforts, which they hope will be a driver to get more people and game companies on board. And that’s our major goal, to reach as much companies as possible and encourage them to be part of a big change in the industry. Paladin believe – and so do we – that it’s important for the game industry to give back to the planet and make sure that we preserve the natural world, or how Paladin would say it: 


»In the end, life is the ultimate game, we’re all playing it, and nature is our “game engine” – without it, it’s game over. «


We couldn’t say it better. So follow the example of Paladin and help us to preserve our “game engine” by joining the Games Forest Club! 


If you want to know more about Paladin Studios, visit their homepage


For more information about the “Planting Trees, Cultivating Peace” project, follow the link below

Miniclip joins the Games Forest Club with Rob Small, President, as one of their ambassadors.

Miniclip joins the Games Forest Club with Rob Small, President, as one of their ambassadors.

Hello dear Games Forest Club community. Today we love introduce you Miniclip, a new member of our family. Miniclip is a global leader in the digital games space, best known for titles such as 8 Ball Pool™, Golf Battle™, Football Strike™, Carrom Pool™, and™. Founded in 2001, the company has built a global workforce of over 900 Miniclip family members, spread across eight countries and 12 studios (including one office). 


Throughout their 20 year history in the games industry, they have continually innovated, taken risks and transformed their business, which has given them unique insights into the world of game development, and a strong portfolio of over 60 high-quality mobile games. With a global network and worldwide distribution that reaches over 250 million monthly users,  you can see why we are thrilled to have them on board!


As the company continues to grow and reach entirely new audiences, they have focused on sharing that success with both their employees and the communities that have been integral to their development. Miniclip Gives is a team of dedicated volunteers with a goal to encourage and support others to engage in community or charitable endeavours that are important to them. Financial donations are prioritised to improve everything from health to wellbeing and education. Most recently, environmental volunteering, fundraising, and donation requests from their employees have been on the rise.


Minclip is always looking for ways to do more, which is why their partnership with Games Forest is set to be so successful! Everyone at Miniclip has witnessed the positive potential of our industry first-hand, and the importance of the charitable bodies within it that champion and deliver change. They have worked with many organisations such as Make A Wish UK and SpecialEffect, who provide the opportunity for the games community to pull together in an effort to raise funds for such worthwhile causes. Miniclip believes the games industry should use the momentum from COP26 as a catalyst to help protect our most important and valuable partner, the planet. With this vital consideration, the games and wider entertainment industry has a responsibility to convert the power of play into a tangible way to heal our living, breathing ecosystem, and that’s a massive win for everyone.


Rob Small, President of Miniclip, was ready to become a founder and ambassador as soon as he heard about the project. Both Rob and Georg Broxtermann, Games Forest Founder, have been good friends for many years, and Georg offered a helpful solution to Miniclip’s interest in exploring ways to help the planet! Previously, they found finding trusted partners who could provide tangible results in multiple locations proved difficult, but they saw the great opportunity Game Forest offered. 


Miniclip is hoping to help raise the profile of the initiative using its global influencing networks and  substantial global audience, where climate change matters are at the forefront of the minds for their millions of players and their employees. They hope to reinforce the importance of taking care of the environment and offering ways for people to get involved, whether that be playing games, volunteering or fundraising to help build their forest and much more. 


The Sugi Biodivers Himalayas project, which is set to reforest and revive a Himalayan forest in Uttarakhand, has been founded via the collaboration of Game Forest and Miniclip. Here Miniclip has committed to supporting the communities in a country where they are one of the largest publishers, with games such as Carrom Pool and Cricket League seeing great success in the territory.  It’s a perfect fit!


If you want to know more about Miniclip, visit their homepage


For more information about the “Biodiverse Himalayas” project, follow the link below

First presentation of the Games Forest Club at Web Summit 2021

First presentation of the Games Forest Club at Web Summit 2021

Hello dear Games Forest Club community. You probably heard of the Web Summit, one of the biggest technology conferences. Since 2016 it’s held in Lisbon, Portugal and it’s the most important tech event of the world, which is sponsored by tech giants such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon Web Services. This year over 42,000 people attended the conference from over 120 countries. The conference was framed by numerous talks about the future of the tech industry, and over 1,800 media representatives reported on the latest trends and developments. And of course was the Web Summit 2021 for over 1,500 startups a great opportunity to present their concepts to a big audience. So did we, and we are super excited that we had the opportunity to present the Games Forest Club for the first time! 

Georg Broxtermann, one of our founders, represented the Games Forest Club in Lisbon and he did a very good job! He had various appointments with representatives from the industry, where he presented the Games Forest Club. We received a very good feedback for our project from all sides! We are very grateful and still overwhelmed. As a special surprise, our ambassador Stephen Lee visited our stand at the conference and had a small chat with Georg. We thank Stephen for his commitment, and we hope that more people from the industry are willing to be our ambassadors and help us spreading the word! 

For now we are looking forward to our official launch, and we hope that we can help the games industry to reduce their carbon footprint with our initiative. If you want to be part of the change, join the Games Forest Club and help us to build a better future for everyone! 


For more information on the Web Summit, visit their Homepage.


If you want to get in touch with our ambassador Stephen Lee, follow him on LinkedIn.


And last but not least, we are on Facebook and also on LinkedIn. If you want to receive the latest updates, give us a follow!



Much love, your Games Forest Club team. 

AI start-up Oxolo supports Research Forest PlanBe

AI start-up Oxolo supports Research Forest PlanBe

Hello everyone! It’s time to introduce a new member of the Games Forest Club family. Are you ready for some science? I bet you are! Oxolo is a company specialized in virtualizing people by creating AI-powered chatbot avatars indistinguishable from reality and ready to engage and communicate. As you can imagine you can conquer climate change with scientific research, that’s why the scientist of Oxolo want to contribute this fact by supporting a research reforestation project. 


Oxolo was founded in 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, but their team is from all over the world and consists of world-class computer scientists with hundreds of scientific publications and numerous PhDs. They are a truly diverse and international team with over 15 nationalities and 20 languages spoken. With so much international scientific power their avatars can impersonate any human or character and are contextually, visually and audibly identical. They can hold a conversation and replicate a real two-way communication. They even remember what you said last week. Oxolo aims to elevate the user experience to a new and magical form of engagement. Their products create an emotional relationship between humans and avatars and deliver a radically new digital encounter. Their complete tech stack is based on the latest research and developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Through Oxolo’s platform they are developing several products to leverage their technology and blend artificial intelligence into digital entertainment products. One of their products is “Tipy”. It combines education, entertainment, and play in its character-driven app. The characters are powered by Oxolo’s advanced AI technology and are able to hold intelligent, engaging conversations with a child – improving speech development and cognitive skills. “Tipy” is packed with fun educational content designed to help children expand their reading skills, vocabulary, mathematics and more! You see that working for a good cause is in the DNA of this company. That’s why Oxolo’s membership in the Games Forest Club isn’t surprising. By using science to create value for the people, they decided to support a project which does the same. 


Oxolo is supporting the Plant for the Planet project “Research Forest PlanBe”. This new planting area, newly established in 2020, is not only intended to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis. Plant-for-the-Planet also offers this area to research institutions for field trials. A first scientific study was already started in January 2020 by the Crowther Lab at ETH Zurich. A further study for Imperial College London will follow in summer 2020 and build on this first study. Soon a visitor forest will lead you through the research area and let you experience science “firsthand”. The experiments have the potential to inform reforestation efforts globally as a proof-of-concept for the efficacy and potential impact of soil microbiome restoration. Plant-for-the-Planet Yucatan Reforestation project will be the first to implement the strategy at scale. With the support of this project Oxolo wants to ensure that there is still a livable planet in the future. Creating value with the help of scientific methods suits Oxolo’s approach. But also giving joy to people with their products are one of their aims and this should be the case for a long time.


Given the fact, that the tech industry has a big energy consumption, Oxolo wants to do justice and lower their CO2 footprint by supporting the Games Forest Club initiative. Be a hero like Oxolo and start changing the world now! Join us and create a better future!


If you want to know more about Oxolo, visit their homepage or follow them on LinkedIn


For more information about the “Research Forest PlanBe” project, follow the link below

Better Things is supporting reforestation of Granada’s city forest

Better Things is supporting reforestation of Granada’s city forest

Hello dear games forest club community! Today we would like to introduce you one of our members. It’s Better Things, a music PR agency based in the heart of Berlin. You heard it right, the games forest is not only a place for the gaming industry, but for all creatives who want to make a difference!


Better Things has more than 10 years of experience in Music PR, Marketing and event production. By running successful campaigns for international artists such as Rosalía, King Princess, Caroline Polachek, Daði Freyr, Friedberg, Kat Frankie, Aurora, Joesef, Fishbach, L’Impératrice, Agar Agar, Jorja Smith, Kelsey, they have become experts in creating a buzz and preparing the ground for a successful music career. Their service includes media and brand relations, radio plugging, tour promotion, showcase production and corporate bookings. Under their previous company name Nordic by Nature, they organized numerous showcases and live events in different venues in Berlin, from small gallery gatherings up to festivals like the Berlin Midsommar Festival (2012-2018). With 35.000 visitors in total the Berlin Midsommar Festival became one of Berlin’s most successful city festivals. But not enough, they started another Project called “Die Neuen Schweden”, a yearly educational program to connect Swedish newcomer artists with the Berlin music industry. The selected three bands will get the opportunity to spend one week in Berlin, get introduced to various labels, agencies, media stations and recording studios. Better Things organize one-on-one meetings, workshops and discussions to learn about Do’s and Don’ts in music. The absolute project highlight is the showcase event, where the artist present their music in front of the public and invited music industry professionals.


Better Things is a successful company in the music industry that wants to make an impact and make the world a better place. They support the Plant for the Planet project “Anillo Verde de Granada” in Spain. At present, Granada is the fourth most polluted city in Spain. Through the restoration of forests and the establishment of a green belt around the city, Plant for the Planet will create new green areas for the citizens of Granada. Living in a city makes you understand how important trees for the city climate are. With trees giving shade it’s cooler on the streets, the air is fresher and to be honest, it looks way better! As a Berlin based company, Better Things is aware of this fact. Living and working in the middle of a big city, they become more aware of how important nature is, because there is not enough of it there. And as a company with conscious individuals, they are trying to live their daily lifes as sustainable as possible by not eating animals, biking to work, avoiding plastic and embracing nature as much as they can.


But this is not the only reason why Better Things is a member of the Games Forest Club. Considering that the music industry is a very climate exhausting industry which includes heavy traveling and festival culture, they want to support initiatives which are focused on changing the industry to a more environment friendly music industry. By being a member and donating for Games Forest Club, Better Things want to use their resources in order to create new resources for nature, so people are able to continue going into the forest and breath clear air and charge their human energies.

We hope a lot more companies with so much positive energy like Better Things will join the Games Forest Club! Tell your friends and family and be part of the change.


If you want to know more about Better Things, visit their homepage or follow them on Instagram


For more information about the “Anillo Verde de Granada” project, follow the link below

Volcano Valley Reforestation

Volcano Valley Reforestation
Continent North America
Country Mexico
Costs per Tree 1 €
GPS Data of planting site 19.305067, -99.679458
Planting Partner Plant for the Planet A.C, Mexico
The forests in Mexico, the most populous state in the country, are under increasing threat due to the destruction of large areas of forest through deforestation, forest fires and overgrazing. Poor management of natural resources is worsening the situation. Often the soil quality has already deteriorated to such an extent that natural regeneration of the forests is no longer realistic. Sustainable reforestation is the last option here to prevent further erosion by renewing protective vegetation and increasing soil fertility. As a result, the remaining forests and their resources can be saved for the future. With this goal in mind, Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico A.C. and PROBOSQUE, an organization assigned to the Mexican Ministry of the Environment, agreed to cooperate in the state of México (capital Toluca). By 2019, 2.8 million trees had been planted. The particular feature of this project is that the reforestation covers a total of 197 sub-areas of varying sizes, all of which are managed in small, mostly rural structures. Of these, 92 are jointly managed ejidos (a total of 1,913,775 trees), the remaining areas are divided between small farmers (619,925 trees) and cooperatives (290,300 trees). All restored sites have been declared protected areas. When selecting the newly planted trees, care was taken to ensure that a mixture of indigenous tree species suitable for this part of the country was selected. These include various species of pine, agaves, a mimosa species and the Mexican cypress. They integrate optimally into the still existing forests and by this contribute to the preservation of the local biodiversity of secondary plants and animals. By the end of 2020, we will have planted another 1,500,000 million trees together with the small farmers organized in cooperatives, thus spreading the responsibility of tree care over many shoulders. Further information about the project and partner.

One of our first members – Out of the Park Baseball

Welcome one of our first members - Out of the Park Baseball

We´re excited to introduce one our first Gamesforest.Club members, Out of the Park Developments! They are supporting the Eifel Jungle Project which protects old beech trees from vanishing.


Out of the Park Developments, founded in 1999, is the premiere US-Sport simulation & management game development company on the planet. Their games, such as »Out of the Park Baseball« or »MLB Manager« set the standard in terms of realism, features, customizability, replay, value and fun. According to reviews they`re regarded as the best games in their genre. And in fact, »Out of the Park Baseball« remains the second best rated PC game of all time!


For Out of the Park Developments sustainability does not only mean investing in green projects but also treating their customers with respect. They are part of a sport loving community in which their voices are heard. Or as OOTP would say: »We, as developers, would be fool-hardy to ignore such a valuable resource. The collective voice of our fan base is a powerful motivator.«


Sounds great? Yes, it does! I hope you´re as much excited as we are to have such a strong member on our side, supporting our games forest and investing in the future of our planet.