Travel & Restore – a new way of mindful travelling for your company

Travel & Restore – a new way of mindful travelling for your company

Hello everyone,


Game Developers Conference (GDC), one of the largest games conferences, is coming this month. We all know how excited everyone is and how people are looking forward to travelling and attending the event offline after 2 years of lockdowns. Gathering companies from all over the world, GDC gives everyone a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and connect with partners, clients, players and sponsors.


But what impact does it have on our environment?


Many companies are going to fly to San Francisco, stay at the hotels, use taxi services and… produce A LOT of CO2. According to International Council on Clean Transportation (, CO2 emissions from all commercial operations in 2019 totaled 918 million metric tons, an increase of 29% since 2013. 85% of emissions derive from passenger transport.


Taking all of this in consideration, GameForest.Club is glad to introduce its “Travel & Restore” service for those who are looking for new ways of mindful travelling. We strongly believe that it is possible and important to provide support and restore while you are flying, driving or staying at the hotel. We want our partners to have a good conscience and positive experience whether they are flying to another continent or just commuting to the office.


Travel & Restore is a playful and supportive way of reducing CO2 footprint after travelling by protecting forests around the world. By our customised approach to every partner, we will be able to calculate CO2 emission after each trip and advice on how many square meters of forests should be supported to cover the carbon footprint.


The process is super easy and the results are amazing. Let us show you how it works:


1. You send us information about your travel activities. It can be a one-time restoration after or before a specific trip, but you can also provide us with your company’s trip history and or future travels.


2. We calculate:
– The amount of CO2 emitted
– The amount of square meters of forest that should be saved to minimize the effect
– The amount of invest based on the forest’s location and the project you choose to support (currently there are 2 projects you can use for offsetting your emissions but there are more to come!)


3. Once agreed, our team sets up your digital company’s forest page on our website or expands your existing digital twin forest if you are already a member of our community.


4. You just not only had a great trip but also supported our nature and forests!


Do we have an example of how it works? Yes!


Let’s imagine you are flying from Berlin to San Francisco and back. During the flight you will produce 5,900 kg of CO2. In order to minimize this effect, you can protect forests in Germany or in Brazil by investing the following:


Project in Germany = 336,3€
Project in Brazil = 214,17€


However, we are also able to calculate CO2 emissions not only from the flights but also from staying at a hotel, using a taxi or travelling by train. Our offer is based on average flight CO2 emissions calculation derived from Atmosfair, road travel (car/taxi) CO2 emissions calculation derived from MyClimate and a 50 kg CO2/person/night rate for standard accommodation. Estimations of CO2 emissions when travelling by train are also possible when relevant data is available.


We believe that with the help of “Travel & Restore” the companies will not only help the environment but also show a great example to others of how it is easy but also important to restore nature.


“Travel & Restore” is a playful and supportive way of mindful travelling, and we encourage everyone to keep our nature in mind when booking the next trip.


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