Our new project in West Sumatra Indonesia

Our new project in West Sumatra Indonesia

Hello everyone,


As you know, GamesForest.Club offers a wide variety of different reforestation and conservation projects worldwide. Our members and sponsors can choose to support forests in Peru, Canada, Germany, Cameroon, India (find more information about our project here), helping the local communities, planting trees, and/or securing the forest areas.


This time we have something new for you!


Together with GamesForest.Club and Gula Gula Food Forest Program, you can now reduce your carbon footprint, protect a thriving forest in the middle of a degraded area in West Sumatra, and support an indigenous community.


Our new carbon farming project is a shining example of how we can support local communities and restore nature. It follows a unique and simple method, called Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR), to make degraded land productive again by stimulating natural reforestation processes. It requires very few resources without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. A great help in assisting the natural regeneration of the land is the local Gula Gula Plank. Local farmers can use the plank to flatten the tough long grass. This gives other plants and trees present the chance to grow again.


As a result, the local population can re-use degraded land as a food forest with the deployment of few resources through Gula Gula’s unique approach. The farmers can once again live off their land and develop themselves. Currently, there are 111 farmers and 86 families active in the Gula Gula food forest, and around 1600 people live in the village nearby. However, more and more people are ready to start working in the area and help the environment, i.e., there is even a waiting list of more than 100 farmers, who are eager to get started.


By choosing this project, your company can make a significant impact by reducing its carbon footprint and have a positive effect on the liveability and the ecosystem of the Gula Gula food forest. 


Make a difference now: easily reduce your carbon footprint in just a few steps and let your forest grow.


1. Choose how much carbon you would like to reduce and how many carbon credits you want to purchase. If you don’t know your carbon footprint yet, we will help you measure it.


2. We retire the carbon credits on your behalf to minimize administrative costs and provide you with the official certificates.  


3. Get your own digital forest page on www.gamesforest.club and see your digital forest grow. 1 digital tree = carbon credits worth 100€


4. Receive a unique GamesForest Restoration Badge

If you reduce your entire carbon footprint, you get the badge for compensation.


5. Celebrate your engagement with your employees, clients, and community by getting promoted on social media and in GamesForest’s blog.

Learn more about the project here: Reduce Carbon Credit Footprint with GamesForest.Club.