Beer for Forests: Altagram and GamesForest.Club held a networking event for the gaming industry

Beer for Forests: Altagram and GamesForest.Club held a networking event for the gaming industry

Hello gaming community, 


We are happy to announce that Altagram joined GamesForest.Club as a member to support two reforestation projects in Peru and Germany! To celebrate it, we organised a networking event on 7 July, in Berlin. The gathering called “Beer for Forests” took place at Altagram’s office and hosted over 40 professionals from the gaming industry.


The guests were offered delicious snacks and drinks, and everyone had an excellent opportunity to connect with other attendees and learn more about GamesForest.Club, support the reforestation projects in Germany and Peru, and have a good time and enjoy the evening.

All donations gathered during the dinner will go into the growth of Altagram’s forest, which, with the help of their community and GamesForest.Club, supports old-growth forests in Peru and Eastern Germany.


Joining GamesForest.Club is Altagram’s first step in becoming environmentally responsible.


“As technology, and specifically gaming is evolving so rapidly and taking up an ever-growing part of our lives, we recognize that the growth of our industry also comes with responsibilities. We want to be part of a movement that is not only aware of these responsibilities but also takes action. Seeing organizations like GamesForest.Club is very encouraging!” — Marie Amigues, CEO of Altagram, says. 

Altagram is supporting old-growth forests in Peru and Eastern Germany


The company has decided to support two reforestation projects in Germany and Peru. The main goal is to protect the last remaining old-growth forests.


The Amazon rainforest in Peru is home to jungle giants on tall buttress roots, covered in lianas and epiphytes. They house sedate sloths, playful monkeys, and secretive jaguars. This jungle also stores large amounts of carbon and is essential for a healthy climate on our earth. Altagram invested in these wilderness areas to legally secure the land and protect the areas for the future. Local forest guardians ensure the integrity of the conservation areas and protect them from mining, logging, agriculture, and hunting.


By supporting the “Old-Growth Forests in Eastern Germany” project, Altagram protects Uckermark forests from industrial forestry, agriculture, and infrastructure development. The area is a biodiversity hotspot in Germany. The hilly landscape is full of precious habitats: old beech and idyllic alder forests, clear lakes and streams, moors, and orchid meadows. By supporting this project, Altagram not only protects the forests but also contributes a lot to the local biodiversity and improves the forests’ resilience to the climate crisis.


“We chose this charity because we wanted to give our team the opportunity to feel like they are actively part of a project. GamesForest.Club is very transparent with their data and provides GPS tracking for donors, making some of the supported local forests easily visitable. We also appreciate the variety of projects that are offered, as well as the additional research that has been put into selecting and showcasing them,” — Marie explains.


We welcome Altagram onboard and are looking forward to seeing their forest grow! 


To learn more about Altagram, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.


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