One of our first members – Out of the Park Baseball

Welcome one of our first members - Out of the Park Baseball

We´re excited to introduce one our first Gamesforest.Club members, Out of the Park Developments! They are supporting the Eifel Jungle Project which protects old beech trees from vanishing.


Out of the Park Developments, founded in 1999, is the premiere US-Sport simulation & management game development company on the planet. Their games, such as »Out of the Park Baseball« or »MLB Manager« set the standard in terms of realism, features, customizability, replay, value and fun. According to reviews they`re regarded as the best games in their genre. And in fact, »Out of the Park Baseball« remains the second best rated PC game of all time!


For Out of the Park Developments sustainability does not only mean investing in green projects but also treating their customers with respect. They are part of a sport loving community in which their voices are heard. Or as OOTP would say: »We, as developers, would be fool-hardy to ignore such a valuable resource. The collective voice of our fan base is a powerful motivator.«


Sounds great? Yes, it does! I hope you´re as much excited as we are to have such a strong member on our side, supporting our games forest and investing in the future of our planet.