Together with its partners GamesForest.Club organizes a charity dinner to support reindeers and local communities in Swedish Lapland

Together with its partners GamesForest.Club organizes a charity dinner to support reindeers and local communities in Swedish Lapland

This spring was full of events for GamesForest.Club. Together with our partners from Game Habitat and Invest in Skåne, we organized a charity dinner for our members and sponsors. The event was held on 18 May in Malmö, Sweden, and gathered 66 like-minded professionals from the gaming industry who wanted to support our forests and nature.


The guests were offered an entirely vegetarian menu, and everyone had an excellent opportunity to connect with other attendees and learn more about GamesForest.Club, support one of our local projects in Sweden and have a good time and enjoy the evening.


All donations gathered during the dinner went into the growth of Game Habitat’s forest, which, with the help of their community and GamesForest.Club, supports conservation and rewilding efforts of Swedish Lapland.

Rewilding Lapland is a great project run by Rewilding Europe, whose mission is to demonstrate the benefits of wilderness through the rewilding of diverse European landscapes and inspire and enable others to engage in rewilding by providing tools and practical expertise.


The Swedish project aims at recreating the ecological system on a big scale, side by side with local people and local business operations, to secure the future for both nature and people in Swedish Lapland.


Furthermore, Rewilding Europe is working with Rewilding Lapland and local partners to support guided reindeer migration, raising awareness of these threats and supporting Sami communities in their fight for traditional grazing rights. The aim is the complete protection of all remaining old-growth forests, combined with the adoption of reindeer-adapted forestry and the elimination of mining threats to key reindeer wintering areas. By collaborating with Sami communities to develop wildlife watching businesses and guided reindeer tourism, the Rewilding Lapland team and partners are working to grow a local nature-based economy and reduce human-wildlife conflict. Raising Sami income from wildlife watching will hopefully contribute to greater acceptance and protection of local wild nature, including an increased tolerance of the presence of large carnivores.

Together with our partners, members, and sponsors, we gathered over 882,90 EUR to support the local communities and reindeers in Lapland. More donations are still coming and the most up-to-date information can be found in the digital forest of Game Habitat. We thank everyone who participated in this event and are looking forward to supporting more projects and great initiatives!


We will also be glad to see you as one of our members and supporters! Join GamesForest.Club and restore nature.