GamesForest.Club at the UpLink World Economic Forum 2022

GamesForest.Club selected as one of the winners of the UpLink World Economic Forum 2022 Trillion Trees: Amazon Bioeconomy Challenge!

Berlin, 31st of October 2022, GamesForest.Club, a non-profit organisation guiding the Games Industry to a climate-positive future, has been selected as one of the winners of the UpLink World Economic Forum 2022 Trillion Trees: Amazon Bioeconomy Challenge! The Challenge calls for innovative bioeconomy solutions to protect biodiversity in the Amazon Forest, restore ecosystem functions and protect livelihoods.


The goal of the GamesForest.Club is to protect and restore forest ecosystems with the power of entertainment and together with the good hearts and minds of the Games and Creative Industries. Founded in November 2021, GamesForest.Club is already supported by 48 gaming and entertainment companies. With the help of its members and supporters, the organisation was able to support 15 different forest restoration projects worldwide and plant 73,693 new trees and protect over 1.386.815 m² of forests. With its innovative GamesForest, a digital twin which displays the restoration activities of all its partners, it brings playful transparency to an otherwise rather nebulous market. Companies from the Games and Creative Industries can proudly show their engagement to their employees, players and customers, and to their Industries.


Why do we focus on forest restoration? Forests are resources of global significance. They cover 31 percent of the Earth’s land surface (4.06 billion ha) but the area is shrinking, with 420 million ha of forest lost through deforestation between 1990 and 2020. With data-driven and transparent forest protection and restoration, the GamesForest.Club team reduces the companies’ and their players’ ecological footprint, regenerating forests and biodiversity. Innovative solutions like the GamesForest.Club make climate action valuable for companies while taking their brand on a regenerative journey. 


Georg Broxtermann, co-founder of the GamesForest.Club: “Forests absorb and store about 30% of carbon emissions from fossil fuels and industry and they have the potential to store much more if we finally enter an age of forest conservation and regeneration of nature. Instead, today greenhouse gas emissions deriving from deforestation alone make up to 12% of global carbon emissions. This is frightening and we need to reverse this trend as soon as possible. The Games and Creative Industries could have a major impact in doing so.”


Meet the GamesForest.Club:

WebSummit, Lisbon, 2-4 November 

COP27, Egypt, 13-16 November

Learn more about the GamesForest.Club, our forest projects, member- and sponsorships or watch this video for a first impression.