Behind the scenes: production of GamesForest.Pins

Behind the scenes: production of GamesForest.Pins

Hello everyone, 


As many of you already know, our GamesForest.Club team has recently released an ecological pins collection for gamescom 2022 — to protect forests and reduce carbon footprint. With each pin worth 25 EUR, you can support one of our conservation projects in Germany, Peru, and Indonesia. Moreover, all GamesForest.Club members get an exclusive pin for free!

A huge thank you for designing these pins goes to Yaldi Games, who not only helped with the whole concept but also designed each pin so that it perfectly represents our mission and projects.

Yaldi Games is a startup game’s developer with the mission to make games that inspire real-life activities. The team is passionate about merging fun gameplay with little nuggets of knowledge, so that players can learn something new while playing.


Yaldi Games is currently working on its new game “Wholesome – Out and About” – a relaxing and fun life simulator that connects you with nature and teaches you real life skills. Explore an open world, learn to forage responsibly, cook and craft, decorate and farm from your garden (learning about permaculture!), and customise your own unique character, making friends with the local townsfolk.

The game is exciting for all nature lovers and those who want to learn more interesting and essential facts and skills (real cooking recipes, identifying plants and mushrooms, crafting). Moreover, by talking to its community, Yaldi Games has also discovered that players with physical disabilities are really looking forward to exploring nature through the game, so the studio has committed to creating accessibility features that allow everyone to play.


Now Yaldi Games has supported us, GamesForest.Club, in forest protection by designing these unique pins made from 100% recycled plastics that have reached the end of their life cycle and were destined for landfill or incineration. The pins have already arrived and were even delivered to some of our partners. So make sure to get a few as well!

You can read more about our pins and how to get them during gamescom here.


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