Fein Games is protecting natural dynamics and supporting old-growth forests in Eastern Germany

Fein Games is protecting natural dynamics and supporting old-growth forests in Eastern Germany

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Meet our new member – Fein Games, a female-led game development studio based in Berlin. Founded in 2020, Fein Games develops mobile games with a female perspective. The story of their first game takes place in modern times, in Berlin, and shows three German women and their struggles to find happiness and self-determination.


Fein Games decided to join GamesForest.Club because the team believes that it’s their responsibility to fight climate change. “We love the idea of joining a club, it makes us feel like we’re part of a bigger movement. On a more practical level, GamesForest.Club makes it easy to get involved,” – Franziska, Co-Founder of Fein Games, says.


The company has chosen to support the “Old-Growth Forests in Eastern Germany” project which is aimed to protect Uckermark forests from industrial forestry, agriculture, and infrastructure development. 


The area is a biodiversity hotspot in Germany. The hilly landscape is full of precious habitats: old beech and idyllic alder forests, clear lakes and streams, moors, and orchid meadows. The forest is also home to various animal species. In addition to otters, beavers, and pond turtles, sea eagles, fish eagles, and lesser spotted eagles, as well as black and white storks, are part of Germany’s natural treasures. 


By supporting this project, Fein Games not only protects the forests but also contributes a lot to the local biodiversity and improves the forests’ resilience to the climate crisis.


“For us, it was important to choose a regional project that focuses on conservation rather than reforestation. Old forests are magical places and we hope to one day be able to visit our forest in Uckermark,” – Franziska explains their engagement with the local forest project.


GamesForest.Club is excited to have Fein Games onboard and looking forward to seeing their forest grow!


If you want to learn more about Fein Games, check their website or follow them on LinkedIn. 


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