remote control joins GamesForest.Club with their CEO Hendrik Lesser as club ambassador

remote control joins GamesForest.Club with their CEO Hendrik Lesser as club ambassador

We are thrilled to announce that remote control productions (RCP), along with 4 of their 17 studios, has joined us as a member to promote forests in Indonesia and Germany, and that  their CEO Hendrik Lesser was ready to become a GamesForest.Club Ambassador!

Remote control productions GmbH is an independent games production house founded by Hendrick Lesser, who has 24 years of industry experience.

With the company’s group headquarters in Munich, Germany Lesser has built a family of independent development studios throughout Europe and beyond, which today consists of 17 teams in six countries with more than
450 passionate game makers. 

RCP teams have shipped over 400 projects, including premium and F2P games for Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, Mobile, VR and web-based platforms since 2005. Their unique setup allows family studio teams to concentrate completely on development while dealing with the rest as a business partner.

Besides his commercial roles, Lesser is an avid ambassador and lecturer to bring games as culture technique forward, for example by being President of the “European Games Developer Federation” (EGDF) or as MD and board member for the Bavarian games industry association “Games Bavaria Munich”, funding member of the VSK Videospielculturverein (Video Game culture club) and with his various different other roles supporting the community and interfaces with the rest of the society.

Building value with a long-term view and making decisions with the future in mind are just two of the many reasons why RCP joined GamesForestClub. The company has games about the rainforest in its portfolio, and the founder has roots in Indonesia, so choosing to support the Gula Gula Food Forest Program was an obvious fit. In addition, German Beech Jungle is close to RCP’s headquarters in Munich, so the team is going to visit this forest project in person. 

We are grateful to have remote control and their studios Chimera Entertainment, Stillalive Studios,  Wolpertinger Games and Zeitland as partners and hope to make the future greener together. 


We welcome remote control productions on board and look forward to seeing their forest grow!  


To learn more about remote control productions, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.


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