The world is on fire — heroes wanted!

The world is on fire — heroes wanted!

All the donations will go to the “Athenian Oak Revival” project and will be used to plant new trees in the area where the fires were. The activities will also be represented in the GamesForest Community’s digital forest.

We are calling for the heroes of the gaming industry to help the damaged forests and contribute to a greener and safer future by planting new trees and preventing potential fires!

Wildfires are raging across Europe, where a heatwave has intensified drought conditions. Firefighters are still tackling blazes in Greece, Spain, Italy, and France.


These heat waves have become more frequent, intense, and last longer because of human-induced climate change. The world has already warmed by about 1.1C since the industrial era began and temperatures keep rising.


The fires have sad and horrific consequences: burnt forests, harvest, villages… We, at GamesForest.Club, are eager to help the local communities recover from this tremendous loss. Therefore, together with our forest partner SUGi, we are launching a project that will support the forests in Greece and plant new trees in the former areas of fires.

Reforestation of the degraded and fire-prone land in Greece is based on the Miyawaki Method. This method of planting is 100x biodiverse, 100% natural, and 30x denser compared to monoculture tree stands. In 2-3 years only, we will create a maintenance-free, biodiverse forest. 


The project is vital for land management and the prevention of forest fires. It offers an alternative to the pine monoplanations that have come to dominate the local landscape and are highly susceptible to fires. In planting a diverse mix of species, this pocket of forest could potentially help combat future blazes.